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June 2019: Die Schwarze Linie  - The Black Line

Die Schwarze Linie“, the duo exhibition with Corinna Seifert, took place on 7th - 18th June 2019 at Baumwollspinnerei Leipzig, where we displayed our most recent and essential works.

The title is also that of our ongoing collaboration project, a fusion between romantic and surreal styles, which has been lasting now for six years.

Photographs by Toni Küttner
Examples of our collaborative work throughout the years.

The Black Line has a beginning and an end. It started with black ink on the same paper and reached a peak with the duo exhibition in Halle 14 UG.

At the beginning we focused only on ink as our preferred shared medium. Since then our work has grown to include various media and differently developed styles, which have proven to be not incompatible but complementary.
The pictures formed lines throughout the hall with interwoven motifs from romantic landscapes to deep abysses of the oceans and the subconscious mind.

Find here an exhibition review (German) by Markus Digwa.

Find an exhibition review of “Die Schwarze Linie” by Marcus Rietzsch – photographer, artist and publisher, in Pfingstgeflüster, the annual magazine of the Wave Gothic Treffen event, which our exhibition was a part of. We appreciate the words that have been given to us and to be part of this huge project!
The magazine is available at T-Arts.com

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