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Winterreise - 24 etchings

Major project in progress

The Winter Journey (Die Winterreise) is a cycle of 24 poems originally written by German lyricist Wilhelm Müller (1794-1827). Franz Peter Schubert (1797-1828) adapted them in his art songs (or Lieder, as the German word for song is often used for this type of composition), though in a different order. For this series of etchings, I will use the order Schubert chose, because the songs are more prominent, and they are what initially fascinated me and inspired much of my own work. They also form a slightly clearer and more dramatic narrative. I chose Schubert’s shortened title, Winter Journey, over the original one as well, as it is more open, unspecific and uncompromising.

With the etchings I aim to illustrate mood and emotions as intensively as possible while focussing on landscapes with a visually not clearly defined character in it. The imagery should connect back to the art of the Romantics but also extend it towards more modern, expressionistic techniques, since the Winter Journey acknowledges and faces the conflict of its own Romantic nature. This may be what drew me to it many years ago, as opposed to many other, purely Romantic works.