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Inken Stabell Wave detail 1.jpg


A series of etchings

This project was started in April 2021, intended as a small etching cycle. However, with the sea being a recurring theme in my work, I've decided to leave this series open ended for now. The etchings show various memories, associations and impressions of the sea that shaped my relationship with it. It is a very personal project that tells its own stories instead of illustrating another one, and it also includes more technical experiments and challenges.

about etchings

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The etchings are released in groups and come in limited editions of 60 each. If you don't want to miss out when the time is here, consider subscribing to my mailing list.

All hands on deck

all hands on deck inken stabell

Spraypaint aquatint, line-etching on zinc | 20 x 30 cm | printed on 200g/m² Fabriano watercolour paper

The idea for this etching originated in a story I used to work on about a place that gets swallowed by the ocean. The shattered shipwreck belonged to the person standing on it. I will leave the rest up to your own imagination, as I realised that capturing the aesthetic is what I'm really after rather than an exact retelling of events.

The title is a reference to the song "A Salty Dog" by the band Procol Harum.

Nordsee bei Nacht

inken stabell nordsee

Line-etching on zinc | 40x50cm (58x80cm) | printed on 300g/m² Arches BFK Rives etching paper

This etching was made only with lines in three etches. It was a technical challenge I gave myself, to see if I could create a seascape with lines that don't follow the usual classical style. The lines all have the same width and any brightness variations are achieved only by adding more lines next to each other. From start to finish this etching took close to two months of work.
The title means 'North Sea at Night' in German.



Inken Stabell Nösse 2.jpg

Line-etching, spraypaint aquatint, mezzotint on zinc | 40 x 30 cm | printed on 200g/m² Fabriano watercolour paper

Nösse is a part of the eastern coast line of the island Sylt, the northern most island of Germany. Half of my family is from there and we often walk this path as it's always a breathtaking view, with such a tall cliff next to the flat wadden sea. Standing atop the cliff gives you a feeling for the vastness in front of you. That's what I want to show here.

In the first stages I burnished brighter areas into a dark aquatint as one would do in mezzotint etchings. The lines were added on top to increase the contrast afterwards.


Walking home

inken stabell walking home

Spraypaint aquatint, mezzotint on copper | 20 x 25,5 cm | printed on 300g/m² Fabriano watercolour paper

This idea emerged out of a memory of actually walking home by the sea at night. I loved the atmosphere of the lit path next to the sheer black wall of the sea on the other side and wanted to bring this onto paper for the longest time. A very special experience to walk along the beach at night with no one around and only the calm sound of the waves to hear.

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